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Walking into MY DIAMOND JEWELRY STORE, one can find an assortment of fine jewelry that is unique in style not found in any other local stores. Every year, Donald and his wife, attend the LAS VEGAS JEWELRY SHOW in June, searching for the latest styles . Because of Donald’s 35 years plus background as a diamond setter and designer, he is uniquely qualified to judge quality, fashion and lasting value while bringing them back at the best possible prices. The 1400 sq. ft. store is conveniently located at 4120 WASHINGTON ROAD in the McMurray Shops, Peters Township, south of PITTSBURGH.

At MY DIAMOND JEWELRY STORE, a customer can now find the jewelry and loose diamonds competitively priced with the internet, not the local stores.   Thinking of having something designed, Donald will be honored to create from START to FINISH a unique piece of jewelry just for you. A customer can choose from our inventory of gemstones and diamonds or bring in their family heirloom jewelry and have a piece designed to add a new chapter in the family history. Rest assured, your jewelry NEVER leaves the store. Donald’s artistic talent will create a piece of jewelry that will “Ooh and Ahh” your family and friends as you tell them about your experience here. View our video, DESIGNS FROM THE MIND and JEWELRY MAKEOVER, you’ll be impressed!

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